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    • June 29, 2020 6:35 AM IST
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      plantation shutter

      also and started heartily of performance, he operates the weapon of spider platform to carry on an attack to the big fiesta department, and continuously send out various voice, draw on the big fiesta takes charge of of attention.The big fiesta department finally falls into trap, basically don't know this set spider platform inside nobody, on the contrary think that oneself found out to demolish true body, and make track for empty none the person's spider platform ran.
          There is the help of the artificial intelligence  " fantasy", and the automatic control abilities of spider platform, plus the violent defense dint of spider platform, the Yan flew to successfully avert from an absolute being class superior to keep essence from suffering danger towards ownly ambuscading and making a surprise attack, .Ambuscade an activity at this in, the Yan flies to not only polish off those to damnedly bind bandit, but also saves the hostage of returning the dreamlike island in superior's hand from the absolute being class and makes a show of strong plan ability.And before of frequently meet with accident to compare, the Yan in nowadays flies performance mature many.
          In the west, big fiesta's taking charge of also doesn't know that oneself makes track for just an empty hull of shot, he has been dying making track for of life the spider platform run about wildly.But that spider platform headway speed is astonishing, while the big fiesta take charge of of enhance a direction and isn't speed, plus spider platform at discover big fiesta department close to of time will shoot various weapon decelerates the big fiesta takes charge of of speed, so the big fiesta took charge of in the in a short time incredibly don't catch up anterior spider platform, can not also discover the cat in the spider platform getting fed up with naturally plantation shutters.
          But act in the spider platform then very careful woods that loads with dreamlike islander quality, under the guide line of the satellite in the space, it quickly averts from those dangerous districts and silently has no leaving of an interest this slice of most dangerous district.Big parts of time of spider platform all run about in the old wood in the deep mountain, but it runs about in the woods and the deep mountain like Lyu flat ground, is very easy and then take dreamlike islander quality to leave here, rush through into Yan to fly a reserved assembly place.
          The Yan flies an essence to every moment pay attention to two spider platforms of directions to move a circumstance, temporarily don't discover that they will have what dangerous.So the Yan flies of the essence didn't stop over here, but was dressed in outside skeleton armor to drill into an inside that cave.
          Just got into a cave, that small machine sparrow flew to the Yan to fly nearby.The huge hand of outside skeleton armor spreads, that machine sparrow flies to come to hand a palm, and the beginning quickly transforms and re- becomes a ball.The Yan flies heart in on moving, see the circumferential space start undulating, the in general use space passage quickly opens and accepts this machine sparrow into in general use space.
          In the cave of underneath, because the reason that massively explodes, appear a not know be covered with dust how many years of huge cave.In this cave, there is also an aircraft that mysteriously has a high-tech characteristic.More decisive BE, assistance Zhi brain reminds that the Yan flies, it discovered in the mysterious aircraft that an unmanned machine gets stripe have to the product is also that rusty plank brick.So anyway, the Yan flies of the essences have to descend to that cave in person, to there fish for for a while.
          The machine sparrow follows these armed mens come up of time, be marked an advanced direction in the database by the "fantasy".But the Yan fly to want to get into a cave now, as long as opposite side along that route go forward all right, so having the safety the Yan for going forward route to fly to go forward speed in the cave is very quick.Those armed mens come up to need half for several hours, the Yan flies to walk over same circuit, demand of however is several minutes just.
          When the Yan flies to close to that aircraft place cave, "fantasy" suddenly starts talking through the communication machine in the outside skeleton armor:"The Yan flies a Sir, someone of dreamlike island stirs to make your telephone call, do you need to connect to listen to this telephone?"
          The Yan flies one Leng, he although this left a dreamlike island,did not be like similar shut down oneself's cellular phone before, and put in the in general use space.The dreamlike island owned satellite communication network in the world and owned data in the world transmission ability, so the Yan flies to put own cellular phone at in the dreamlike island, then let"dreamlike" took over own telephone of communication.

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